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Royal Icing Moldeable 8.81 oz, 17.53 oz y 35.27 oz



With the royal Icing Mouldable, make great projectors because in addition to being able to color your creations, it intensifies the effects giving shape and volume to everything you do in cookies and cakes.  

Royal Icing  offers decorators a quick and convenient way to make royal icing by simply adding water. This frosting dries down hard while still offering a delicious flavor and texture.


• Available in 8.81 oz, 17.53 oz y 35.27 oz

• Kosher Certificated
• Shelf Life: 2 años

Place 8.81 oz of moldable royal icing in the mixer and beat at low speed, then gradually add 1.52 fl oz of water and increase to maximum speed for 10 minutes to obtain a firm consistency.

For a medium consistency, add .05 fl oz of water to 1.7 oz of the firm consistency.

For a fluid consistency add .15 fl oz of water to 1.7 oz of the firm consistency.

Note: the desired consistency will depend on the region of the country where you are located.


Store in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight.