Ma Baker and Chef

Kit de Liquid Color (Kit of 13 pieces 3 of 2.02 fl oz and 10 of 0.34 fl oz)




The Ma Baker and Chef's Jelly Color it's ideal for painting whipped cream, fondant, dough, meringue, royal icing, etc. Liquid Color are formulated to give your icing the color you want without altering the taste, texture, or consistency of the finished product. The are 49 different beautiful ready-to-use colors, we also provide a comprehensive color guide which can help you to mix dozens of more colors for any baking project. It´is ideal for use in aerografo. Pour the Liquid Color into the airbrush tank and finally apply it on your creation.


• Kit of 13 pieces (3 of 2.02 fl oz and 10 of 0.34 fl oz)
• 13 colors
• Kosher Certified
• Shelf life: 3 years
(Liquid Color Steel, Silver, Litmus and Oxford Grey: 14 months)


Store in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight.